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Your reliable and professional companion to protect your most valuable possessions, including yourself.

Close Protection (CP) Services

Your safety is our mission.

Nowadays, public figures offer a large range of attacks. Through social media, public appearances and appointments, their location is traceable at almost any given time.

Whether politicians, celebrities, parents who fear for their children’s safety or any other person which seeks protection: With professional close protection you can concentrate on your business and not your security. 

MSS – Maximum Security Services GmbH provides professional close protection officers who are prepared for all eventualities.

The following key qualifications are MSS Maximum Security Services standard:

  • CQC Close Quarter Combat
  • Combat shooting
  • Operational tactics
  • First Aid / ETB Emergency Trauma Bag
  • Security driving
  • NBC and explosives devices training

An impeccable appearance, foreign language skills and absolute discretion are standard during any security assignment.

As one of the leading Austrian security companies, we always offer tailored close protection services – even for unusual requirements.

We have various close protection teams which explicitly will meet your requirements. We are analyzing each protectees proximity and provide discreet 360-degree protection day and night.

Our Service Range

  • representative close protection (armed and unarmed)
  • discreet close protection (armed and unarmed)
  • close protection for families
  • security nanny
  • chauffeur service
  • escort service
  • armored limousine service
  • worldwide VIP service and escort on scheduled and charter flights
  • event service and event protection
  • covid 19 prevention concept creation
  • access control per covid governance
  • concealed value and cash transports
  • prevention and defense of explosives attacks
  • provision of protective equipment (protective vests, poison gas indicators)
  • safety consulting for endangered persons including children and teenagers
  • provision of business jets and helicopters

Armed close protection, adapted to your needs

We are a professional security company which takes your wellbeing very seriously. Contact us today and let us know about your concerns. We will be glad to help you.


APWS is an effective and very attractive ballistic protection system for versatile use on different occasions like:
  • political events
  • public speeches
  • podium events
  • private events

This highly effective protective system by APWS is not recognized as a security measure and guarantees protection from attacks with handguns, rifles, shotguns and even explosives. Furthermore it protects you from any kinds of thrown objects.

This way APWS is an unbeatable security measure with countless advantages without the usual restrictions for endangered people.

Other services offered

Security training

Would you like to work as a CPO – Close Protection Officer? We offer security training in Vienna in cooperation with Bildungspunkt Sicherheit and EPTU European Police Training Union.

Event security

360-degree protection. From risk analysis to security personnel for access controls – with us, you will be safe

Security controls

Security checks & metal detectors

Investigative tasks

We’re a prestigious detective agency. Whether cybercrime, private investigations or working as department store detectives: We are glad be at your service.

Property Protection & Static Security

Technically, physically and manned