Our Team

Highly qualified & professional.

Kurt Aigner

Managing director, operational management, former police officer with 8 years of professional experience, 5 years membership in the counter-terrorism unit COBRA, special training in operational tactics, personal security, precision marksman training, opening and blasting techniques, several years membership in the elite parachutist unit of the police, Explosives Officer, Vice-Chairman of the Program Committee for the Approval of Safety Training, Board of the European Police Training Union, Parachute Instructor and Tandem Master, Civil Flight Instructor, Certified Ski Instructor and Ski Guide, Certified Ski Trainer and Tennis Instructor, FIS Technical Delegate

Operation managers

Police officers with 8 – 25 years of professional experience, counter-terrorism training at the COBRA, special training for operational tactical personal protection measures, precision gunner training, special training for operational and opening blasting as well as opening technology, Explosives experts, ÖBFK instructors for kick and Thai boxing, instructors for self-defense according to MMA techniques, trained paramedics, operation and station assistants, state-certified riding instructors, state-certified ski instructors and trainers, state-certified sports instructors


All employees in our team have to meet strict selection criteria. This includes passing a psychological test. Afterwards, the certified personal protection course must be completed positively according to the guidelines of ISO 17024. Only those who achieve the required performance in all test results can count on being accepted into the team.