Maximum Security Services



Managing Director, operative Management, former police-officer with 8 years experience, 5 year membership to the Austrian counter-terrorism-unit COBRA, special education in: operational tactics, VIP-protection, sniper, opening-techniques und explosives. Committee Vice Chairman for the admission board of security education, Chairman of the European Police Training Union, 3 year membership to the police-skydive-operation-unit, skydiving-instructor, Tandem-Master and Civil Flight Instructor, fully certified ski-instructor and Ski-guide, fully certified Tennis-instructor, fully certified Ski-trainer, FIS Technical Delegate




Police officers with 8 to 18 years professional experience, counter-terrorism-training at COBRA, special training on operational tactics, close-protection, sniper as well as several years membership as an Austrian parachutist in the police, special training on operational- and opening techniques, responsible for blasting, trained ambulance man, operation and ward assistant. Fully certified Ski instructor, Fully certified Sports Instructor, Ski trainer and Horse Riding Trainer



The members of our team have to meet strict selection-criteria . Additionally they must pass a psychological test. After testing, they have to complete successfully the Certified Education for Close Protections Officers subject to the regulation of ISO 17024. Only those who pass all the tests with the necessary minimum performance can expect to be admitted into the operation team. Further information on our training program can be found in the menubar “Security Qualification