Maximum Security Services


MSS –Maximum Security Services GmbH offers you the use of  metal detector
walk-throughs and hand held metal detectors for different events in order to maintain a safety-zone for you and your guests.

The fact that you are using our proved internal security equipment guarantees a smoothly running event free of interference.
Our specially trained and experienced staff does not only handle the security-checks, but also provides safety for the prespecified safety zone at all times. Even the realization of security checks at big events is no problem at all.
A local inspection is a matter of course and it is a requirement to set the assessments for the final volume of orders.

If you are interested in renting only the security equipment like metal detector
walk-throughs and hand held metal detectors, do not hesitate to contact us. In this case we deliver the whole security equipment, set it up, adjust it and pick it up after use.

Further information on application: