Maximum Security Services


Due to the recent developments related to the terrorist attacks of the past months and the fact that a larger event naturally increases the attractiveness for terrorist groups in selecting a potential target, the MSS GmbH has specialized in the professional evaluation and safe handling with especially trained and equipped operation units.

Through the use of completely concealed, equipped with ballistic protective equipment (up to protection class SK3 / VPAM Class 7 / NIJ III = protection against long guns up to cal. 7.62×51 mm NATO ) armed Forces, we are able to hedge your event outwards so that armed attackers or terror suspects will be identified early already when approaching the event location and necessary countermeasures can be set even before it comes to appalling attacks as in Paris or other capitals in Europe and beyond .

So you as our customer can concentrate on the successful completion of your event.

Additionally to this unique service we of course offer high class close protection for VIPs, access control with or without walk-through metal detectors and event security staff for protecting your event.

Together with our long-term partners in the event management we can guarantee you a safe, aligned at the highest level and thus unforgettable event.

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