Maximum Security Services


The MSS – Maximum Security Services GmbH is a fully certified registered detective agency with all eligibility requirements and corresponding trade licences. Our staff has many years of practical experience in the field of observation, as well as in observation tactics. Maximum Security Services investigates for enterprises and private persons. Notifications and reports are submitted by our staff to the relevant authorities, courts and departments of public prosecution, for administrative and criminal proceedings. We offer services on the highest stage.

Secrecy and discretion are of primary importance to us.


  • Private investigation of any kind
  • Industrial and economic espionage
  • Return of kidnapped persons
  • Store detectives
  • Illegal employment
  • Trademark and software piracy
  • Violation of industrial property rights
  • Return of vehicles from abroad
  • Divorce matters
  • Insurance investigations
  • Computer fraud
  • Violation of competition law


As a matter of course our detectives use the latest technologies for their missions. This way we can accomplish a high degree on transparency for our clients and bring forward judicial proof. On observations we also use motorbikes which guarantees an entirely inconspicuous and gapless monitoring of the target.

On duties in foreign countries we are supported by resident detectives in order to prevent language barrier and to act more flexible. The operations management is centrally controlled in order to keep you up to date anytime.

In cases were clients wish to use an undercover video control within compliance of all legislation or if tactical reasons make it necessary, our experienced staff may take all the appropriate measures.

We guarantee success in each and every case by the use of a discrete and professional strategy.

Due to the discreet and professional methods of operation that we use, we can ensure 100% success.

Do you have any questions? Please contact us, we would be glad to advice you.