Maximum Security Services


We offer the highest level of close protection and escort for people from the fields of politics, science and society, at home and abroad.

Our Staff is fully trained to offer you the best possible protection. The base is a functional training in particular shooting- and combat techniques, operational tactics, first aid and command of the operation vehicle. Numerous Special trainings and profound knowledge of the NBC Weapons and explosives complete these, in order to provide the optimal protection even in extreme situations.

Besides the professional competence good knowledge of foreign languages and perfect manners is a must in our team, just as absolute discretion and obligation of secrecy. A careful and accurate planning enables us to prevent dangerous situations in advance and we can set up the perfect team for the particular demands. Hereby we have both male and female bodyguards available. Please take a brief look at our link „references“.

No matter in what situation you are, you can commit your safety to us at any time.



  • Representative Close Protection
  • Discrete Close Protection
  • Chauffeur Service
  • Armoured Vehicle Service
  • Worldwide VIP Service and Escort on regular- and charter flights
  • Exhibition-, Conference- and Event Security
  • Undercover valuable object and money transportation
  • Identification and defence of NBC Weapons
  • Prevention and defence of explosive attacks
  • Provision of safety devices (protective vests, poison gas indicators)
  • Security Consulting Service for endangered persons
  • Provision of Lear-Jets and Helicopters



For Close Protection we provide the following equipment:

  • Ballistic protective gear
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Undercover communication sets
  • Monitoring systems
  • Long- and handguns
  • Other devices to protect the VIP