Maximum Security Services


Economic crime is more than a keyword. The numbers of delicts increased extremely. Almost every third company is affected.

Generally the damages can not be estimated and can harm a company sustainably or even devastate it. Often times the crimes and there consequences are latent and realized too late because the business world is more untransparent then ever before.

Globalisation, complex interrelations and aggravated competition characterise the economic system. Competitors try to participate in the market by all available means and to squeeze others out of the market. Unfair competition and offences against the law appear on the agenda.

Economic crime has become a significant economic factor and can decide on success or failure of a company because the loss of image and assets can be tremendous.


  • Investigation of material, merchandise and money theft
  • Assessment of ownership
  • Worldwide investigation for missed persons
  • Detection and recovery of assets
  • Tracing and proofing of cash flow and transaction
  • Clarification of facts on suspect of betrayal of company secrets
  • Notifications and reports for administrative and criminal proceedings on behalf of the court
  • Exposure of product piracy and knockoffs
  • Protection of industrial espionage and sabotage
  • Information procurement on persons and companies
  • Trainings for early detection and prevention of crime
  • Finding and presentation of evidence within unfair competition